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Magic Garden Soil Set

Magic Mushroom Compost & Black Magic Biochar

Transform your garden into something magical with the Magic Soil Set, containing two premium, organic, sustainable soil supplements: Magic Mushroom Compost and Black Magic Biochar. Rejuvenate your soil health and enjoy a lush, thriving garden.

Magic Mushroom Compost is a by-product of edible mushroom farming. Filled with fungal mycelium, it promotes vigorous root growth and nutrient uptake in your garden. Oh and it doesn't contain actual magic, mushrooms, or magic mushrooms. 

Black Magic Biochar is an ultra-sustainable and hyper-effective supplement that helps soil retain more water and nutrients and creates a home for all those happy little beneficial soil microbes. 

Magic Mushroom Compost:

NPK 0.46, 0.29, 1.09

Black Magic Biochar:

99% Wood Biochar

Magic Mushroom Compost:

Magic Mushroom Compost is agricultural waste that has been reincarnated four times.

First, wheat was harvested and the remaining straw waste was taken to a nearby racetrack and used as bedding for racehorses. Then, the racetrack disposed of the straw at a nearby mushroom farm where it was slowly broken down and turned into compost by bacteria. After growing premium organic mushrooms, the farmer helped us bag this rich compost for your plants.

When you use this organic waste product as plant food, you're continuing nature's cycle of life - which really is pretty magical.

Black Magic Biochar:

Up-cycled wood waste and downed trees are transformed in a specialized kiln to produce the highest quality biochar for use in gardens. The biomass in our biochar is made of trees removed for wildfire prevention in Colorado.

Biochar is reincarnated to foster new life in your soil and sequester carbon, a win for plants and the planet.

Magic Mushroom Compost:

Garden Prep: Blend with potting or garden soil by evenly spreading over top layer of garden tilling gently into top 6 inches of soil.

Planting and Transplanting: Add 1/2 - 1 cup to base of each hole dug for a transplant or start. Combine with existing soil and water well.

Houseplants: Add to houseplant soil when coring or when repotting by combining 1/2 to 1 cup with existing soil.

Black Magic Biochar:

Garden: Add at a rate of 5-10% by volume of soil.

Apply when coring, repotting, or as a top dressing and work into top 2 inches of soil.

Garden Prep: Evenly scatter over planting area and combine with top 3-6 inches of soil and other soil amendments.

Planting and Transplanting: Add 1/4 - 1/2 cup of biochar to soil at root zone or hole and combine thoroughly before transplanting.

Houseplant: When repotting, mix 1/2 cup per 6 inches of pot diameter. Combine with new soil ingredients and fertilizer.