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Read all about it! Check out where Love, Plants' products and Master Gardener experts have been featured in the news.

Lessons in Creative AI Adoption From a 2024 Webby Award Nominee

Inc. Magazine - April 2024

After being nominated for a Webby Award for our free AI tool, Inc. Magazine interviewed founder Kerry Gilmartin about the tool.

In developingFlora AI, the Love, Plants team focused on creating an engaging experience similar to consulting a trusted friend. "I didn't want her just answering every question [by] pushing somebody to my website and saying to buy a product, because that's not what she's for," Gilmartin says. "People are really kind of bonding with her and appreciating her."

Webby Awards 2024: Taylor Swift, Timothée Chalamet, Ryan Gosling Among Nominees

Deadline - April 2024

An article featuring our nomination for the 2024 Webby award in Products & Services, AI Apps and Experiences (AI, Metaverse & Virtual). Vote for Flora here!

How to Plant and Grow Cumin and Harvest the Seeds for Cooking

Martha Stewart - February 2024

Sonya Query, our marketing director, contributed her expertise as a master gardener to an article about cumin. Her insights shed light on various aspects of cumin cultivation, care, and utilization, emphasizing its significance in culinary and medicinal contexts.

12 Things Experienced Gardeners Wish First Timers Would Stop (and Start) Doing

Den Garden - March 2024

“Even the greenest thumbs don’t have a 100% success rate,”says gardening expert Sonya Query. “Many people feel shame around not being successful in caring for their plants. Keeping plants alive and thriving isn’t always easy or intuitive! But the plant kingdom is resilient and creating a relationship with the natural world, starting with the plants in and outside of your own home, can help us understand and care for it better. So remove the shame from gardening, and instead embark on raising your houseplants and garden with a curious mindset, ready to learn and adapt as you start to understand the unique needs of your plants."

How to 'Amend' Garden Soil for Your 2024 Growing Season

Living Etc. - February 2024

'Feed your soil so your soil can feed you. Just like humans, plants need an environment for them to thrive. Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial microbes can improve nutrient absorption, encourage plant resiliency, enhance growth and improve soil quality. Put vitamins in your soil to keep the soil (and whatever is growing in it) happy and healthy.' -Sonya Query


Make Her Day: Best mother’s day gifts that will make her feel special

Hola - May 2024

Love, Plant's Tropical Houseplant Kit is cited as one of the best new gift ideas for moms in 2024.

The article states: "It’s the perfect gift for the plant lady in your life, whether she’s a seasoned green thumb or just starting her plant collection. Let her plant babies thrive and watch her smile grow!"

How to Become the Best Tropical Plant Parent Ever

Beauty NYC - February 2024

In the article, the author recounts their positive experience with Love, Plants' Tropical Houseplant Care Kit, which simplifies plant care with organic care products and accessories.

"Love, Plants’ Tropical Houseplant Care Kit has significantly stepped-up my plant caring game. My tropical plants are definitely enjoying their deluxe spa treatment."  - Rachelle Nones

How to care for succulents — 7 essential tips from houseplant experts

Real Homes - February 2024

Explore exclusive insights on succulent care provided by our expert, Sonya Query, at Love, Plants Inc. Succulents, known for their resilience and contemporary allure, are a staple for indoor plant aficionados. Our comprehensive seven-point expert plan, curated with Sonya's expertise, ensures optimal succulent care.

The Best Gardening Shoes To Keep Your Feet Comfortable And Dry

Forbes - May 2024

Experts also recommend selecting shoes with some type of cushioning inside. “Cushioned insoles can provide relief during long gardening days,” says Sonya Query, marketing director for Love, Plants.

6 Houseplant Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now, Pros Warn

The Spruce - April 2024

Roots need room to party, but not an empty ballroom,” Query says. So, finding the right size for your plant is important to keep your plant happy and healthy.

When you repot, choose a pot 1-2 inches larger in diameter than the current pot,” Query says. This will help provide enough room for the plant’s roots to stretch out but not allow too much water to build up.

13 Easy Hanging Plants to Enhance Your Indoor Garden

Architectural Digest - April 2024

Sweetheart Philodendron is an ideal hanging plant, as “its tropical, heart-shaped leaves trail beautifully down a hanging planter,” says Sonya Query. The sweetheart philodendron also doesn’t require much work. “Philodendron are easy to care for and do well with lower light and less watering, so they’re great for a low maintenance plant owner,” she adds. Just be sure to water your hanging philodendron once a week. If you’re looking to spread the plant love among your friends and family, this is the plant for you since she propagates easily.

Gardeners Swear By These 8 All-Natural Pest Control Methods

Den Garden - March 2024

"Create barriers between your lawn and wooded areas,"shares Sonya Query, a master gardener and Marketing Director for Love, Plants, Inc., a brand that offers plant parents highly effective and certified organic plant care products.

"Gravel pathways, wood chips, or small rock walls help create pest-free zones in your yard."

16 Types of Succulents That Are a Beautiful Addition to Your Garden

Martha Stewart - May 2024

Sonya Query is quoted:

"Since succulents multiply quickly, they are great starts to a succulent garden that you would like to spread,"

She says, adding that they are very low maintenance, can handle frost, and thrive in full sun or part shade.

Best small indoor plants – 6 compact houseplants that don't take up a lot of space

Homes & Gardens Magazine - March 2024

'They make for great hanging plants - perfect for small spaces because they take up overhead air,' says Sonya Query, master gardener and marketing director at Love, Plants.

'Just be sure not to place too close to a window where it can get too much sun, heat, or cold,' she adds.

Naturally Boulder Pitch Slam Contestant

Naturally Boulder - March 2024

Read about our participation in the Naturally Boulder 2024 Pitch Slam. Our founder, Kerry Gilmartin, won 3rd overall for Love, Plants across 5 finalist contestants.

What is succession planting? Boost your harvests in any sized space with these expert tips

Homes & Gardens - April 2024

Sonya Query claims that it is ‘crucial’ to plan succession crops. She says: ‘It helps ensure a steady harvest, keeps your garden productive, and reduces the guesswork. It's important to think ahead about your climate, temperatures throughout the growing season, and how long it takes for plants to mature to ensure the right crops are coming to harvest at the
right time of year.' 

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Awards and Recognitions

  • Naturally Boulder's 3rd Place Pitch Slam Winner - Read more about the competition here.
  • Love, Plants' AI texting tool, Flora AI, was nominated for a 2024 Webby Award in the AI, Metaverse & Virtual - AI Apps and Experiences - Products & Services category.

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