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Powered by AI. Trained by Love, Plants. Completely Free.

She's a plant guru you text with.

Not another app. Not a chatbot. Just another contact in your phone...who doesn't leave you on read. 

Ask Flora about anything plant related! Gardens, houseplants, or plants in their natural setting.

  • What gardening zone am I in and when is my last frost date?
  • How do I know if I am under or over watering my monstera?
  • How can I get my orchid to bloom again?

Flora is conversational, like a friend who really cares, asking questions and providing personalized answers that are actually helpful... a big improvement on endless pages of generic search results.

How do I know she's giving accurate information?

She learned from the best.

With the whole internet at her fingertips, Flora was trained on plant science from reputable and up-to-date sources. Beyond tried-and-true general information, she also digs deeper to give you personalized and location-based advice.

A 2024 Webby Honoree

Flora is blushing! She was nominated for a 2024 Webby Award in the AI Apps & Experiences / Products & Services category by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Flora was voted top 5 in the category in the world and in the top 10% of all work entered.

She's so proud and excited to talk to you.

Her limit is your imagination.

Flora can answer tactical questions about how to care for, diagnose and treat, or select the right plant for your environment.

But she's also fun and creative, and can write a Haiku about your favorite plant baby, tell you about the folklore of specific plants, and even pull a tarot card for you or your monstera! 

Plus, she can speak other languages!

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