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Meet the Soil Doctor

Photo of soil doctor Bryant

Meet Bryant Mason, the Soil Doctor

All of us here at Love, Plants are soil nerds, but Bryant is our Club President. As a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) with a focus in optimizing soil and crop nutrition, he operates much like a crop detective — using data, a collaborative observational process, a network of really smart people, and the first principles of soil science and plant physiology to solve problems and unlock hidden potential in any operation.

Bryant has worked extensively with soil testing, soil solution modeling, plant sap analysis, and other analytical techniques to reveal the bottlenecks in a system that create yield loss, quality decline, or excess pest and disease pressure. He has been lucky to learn from many of the best agronomists in the country. 

His favorite plants to help out with are those where quality matters most like tree fruit, vegetables, cannabis, and grapes.

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