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Seed, Start & Transplant Success Kit

Prevents Transplant Shock

Improves Soil Health

Promotes Nutrient Absorption

Whether your sowing seeds, planting starts, or helping your transplants grow, this kit has everything you need to start your garden strong. 

Seedling Superfood adds 17 types of fantastic fungi & beneficial bacteria to help bring your soil to life.

Black Magic Biochar is an additive similar to charcoal that helps improve soil quality, moisture retention, and germination. 

Superfood Planting Pods give your plants the key nutrients and fungi they need for their big move. Best for large starts and transplants like tomatoes, roses or trees.

Copper Garden Stakes add a pop of color to your garden to stay organized. Simply write the plant name in permanent marker then remove with rubbing alcohol to re-use!

Bonus: Comes with 2 types of seeds to start your garden! 

Shake Seedling Superfood over seeds when planting and water-in. Can also be applied monthly to soil of existing garden plants and watered in to improve soil microbiome.

Add Black Magic Biochar to seed starting mix to increase water retention for improved germination and soil fertility. Can also be added to garden and potting soil.

Use Superfood Planting Pods when transplanting your large starts such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, roses or shrubs. Simply drop a pod in your planting hole, bellow transplant, and plant as normal.

How to Use the Seed, Start, & Transplant Success Kit

Seed Starting: Sprinkle Black Magic Biochar into seed starting tray and mix into soil. Add Seedling Superfood to planting whole and plant seed, water in.

Transplanting Small Starts: Sprinkle Black Magic Biochar and Seedling Superfood into planting hole, gently mix then plant as normal.

Transplanting Large Starts: Drop one Superfood Planting Pod into planting hole and plant transplant normally. Water in.