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Magic Mushroom Elixir

Organic Plant Growth Enhancer

Promotes Nutrient Absorption

Enhances Growth

Overall Plant Health

It’s actually magic… because it's mushrooms.

This unique Hawaiianplant growth formula signals plants to grow more roots, leaves, flowers and fruits. Highly concentrated, the bottle is good for up to 200 uses. Studies have shown a 52% increase in tomato yields!

Good for use on houseplants, garden fruits and vegetables, potted plants, landscape plants, fruit, nut, and ornamental trees and shrubs, and hydroponics.

Works especially well to help Orchids and Hoyas flower and other tricky house plants thrive! 

A highly concentrated organic plant growth enhancer that works to speed the delivery and uptake of nutrients and water.

Use in combination with fertilizers and plant growth supplements for superior growth and yield.

  • Signals plants to grow faster and larger
  • Improves germination, root and foliage growth, flower bloom, and overall plant vitality
  • Increases water absorption, vitamin content and nutrient uptake
  • World’s only plant growth enhancer made naturally by fungal fermentation
  • Fungal metabolite is concentrated, filtered and heat pasteurized on the island of Maui
  • Discovered and backed by PhDs in plant pathology and botany
  • Proven effective in 3rd party agricultural studies

NPK 0.10 - 0.05 - 1.07


Total Nitrogen (N)........................... 0.10%

Ammoniacal Nitrogen...................0.02%

Other Water Soluble Nitrogen.....0.08%

Available Phosphate (P2O5)...........0.05%

Soluble Potash (K2O).......................1.07%

Derived from: Fermented Molasses

Highly Concentrated - a little goes a long way. One bottle is good for 200+ uses!

Use the graduated dropper to add 1/4 mL per gallon to your watering can or mister. Water plant at root zone or spray on leaves as a foliar (leaf) spray. Plants will absorb this serum equally well both ways. 

Use in lesser concentrations on seedlings during germination. Avoid use on dormant house plants during winter months. 

Caution: Follow dosage instructions and do not overuse. This product is strong and overuse could cause stress or unsustainable growth.