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Your Plant's Multivitamin

With NPK 8-3-1, Multivita is an organic, easy to use fertilizer that promotes healthy growth for all houseplants... with added calcium for sturdy plants!

A Probiotic for Your Soil

Probio is the secret ingredient for healthy soil and roots. Packed with beneficial bacteria and fungi, it helps support root growth and nutrient exchange.

Nitrogen for Green Growth

Nitrogen supports leaf and stem development, making this the perfect organic fertilizer for any plant that needs a quick green up... especially those lush tropicals!

All-In-One Repotting Support

Fertilizer and beneficial fungi help your plant thrive in its new pot. Just drop a pod at the bottom of the planting hole when repotting to give your plant that extra head start.

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Love, Plants professional fertilizers are over 2x as effective as other organic brands while still being pet safe and sustainable.

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Bringing pro-grade fertilizers to the houseplant lover for the very first time.

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